2005 Throwback

2005 Throwback

Where do I even begin with 2005? What a year for music! Not to mention just general pop culture gems from the mid-noughties. Like 2002, 2005 was another transitional year for me. I had an established group of friends at school and my love for Hilary Duff remained ever strong, but I was still feeling really awkward within myself and wearing a lot of questionable slogan t-shirts from Jay Jay’s. Ah well, weren’t we all guilty of that at some stage? Let’s take a deep dive into 2005…

2005 Throwback

In 2005 I was 13-turning-14 and in year 8. At my Kindergarten to VCE school this was the final year of middle school before moving on up the food chain to the unknown world of senior school. Naturally, I wanted to start 2005 off with a bang and what better way to do that with a new hairstyle inspired by Mischa Barton’s fringe. The result, you may ask? Well, it wasn’t good. I didn’t have a hair straightener at the time, so my naturally wavy hair created quite a “bouncy” looking fringe. It was also a little too long, so my hair kept getting stuck in my eyelashes. As a result of this I decided to trim the ends myself and concluded that I well and truly hated myself with a fringe. In the end, I resorted to slicking the pieces back into a tight ponytail – my signature look from 2002-2004 – with hairspray and almost everyone was none the wiser…

My journey of teenage self-discovery made some headway with the release of the short-lived Australian equivalent of Teen Vogue magazine, which was called Vogue Girl. I can distinctly remember purchasing my copy and being captivated by all of the beautiful celebrities, editorials and beauty spreads. 2005 was without a doubt the year I first started gaining an interest in fashion and this magazine was a big contributor. My desire to re-invent myself was strong and I felt like I was the only girl in my class interested in this strange new world…

In addition to reading magazines, in 2005 you would most likely find me on MSN where I frequently created new hotmail email addresses for myself such as happy_little_butterfly, vintagestyle and vintage_bohemian_babe. My display name usually had a bevy of emoticons and a picture of my favourite band at the time, if I was feeling a little dangerous. I also loved going on Habbo Hotel and even once stole my best friend Luke’s phone to purchase Habbo credits. We were saving his phone credit specifically to prank call people at lunch, so this was definitely one of my 2005 lowlights and I’m not proud of what I did.

2005 Throwback

In 2005 The OC was still one of the most popular television shows around and Mischa Barton was everywhere, from the pages of glossy fashion magazines to my worn and more familiar copies of TV Hits. My bedroom walls were plastered with pictures of my favourite bands, artists and actresses and I remember looking at her all the time hoping I’d one day be as beautiful and ethereal looking as her.

Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie were frequently photographed together in 2005 and received a lot of media coverage as their weight began to plummet. Looking back over the years it’s crazy to see how many different kinds of “body trends” there have been and 2005 was most definitely renown for its showcase of tiny celebrities. Even my most beloved Hilary Duff shed the pounds in 2005. Needless to say, I’m glad that the trend has since passed, but I will never forget the kind of influence it had on me and continues to still have on me to this day.

In 2005 Britney Spears was newly married to Kevin Federline (we all know how that turned out) and their reality show Britney and Kevin: Chaotic came out. I don’t have the words to accurately describe what a truly iconic time for pop culture this was. Britney gave birth to her first son later that year and well, unfortunately this was only the start of an incredibly sad time in her life.


2005 Throwback2005 was outstanding for music, look at that selection.

When I was putting together my 2005 throwback playlist, I was amazed by how many amazing songs came out that year. Not just songs either, but solid albums. Hot Fuss by The Killers remains one of my favourite albums of all-time, as does Dreams by Evermore. Simple Plan were huge in 2005, especially amongst my peers – teen girls just went nuts for them. While I was never a super fan, I can’t deny they had some good bops. Destiny’s Child reunited to release Destiny Fulfilled before announcing mid-way through 2005 that they would be disbanding after the album tour. Lindsay Lohan also took a page out of Hilary’s book and released her debut album, Speak which I didn’t hate. Did I mention American Idiot? And Breakaway? You’re lying if you say that Kelly Clarkson and Green Day don’t instantly pop into your head when you think of 2005.


Full disclosure: my throwback movie reviews generally don’t feature any box office smash hits. 2005 was full of a lot of critically acclaimed movies, but unfortunately, I only seem to remember the so-bad-it’s-good ones. Story of my life, huh?

My sister owned this on DVD and at one point in 2007 we went through a stage of watching it literally every weekend. It’s a weirdly comforting movie and its familiarity soothes me. The story follows Holly, a teenage girl who is sick of moving every time her single mother experiences a relationship failure. Holly decides to take matters into her own hands and as expected there are escapades galore. The plot’s not great and even though the film is set in New York, most of it is very obviously not filmed there. Irregardless, I continue to adore this terrible movie.

I actually bought this on DVD before seeing it, I think it must’ve been in a bargain bin of some kind. I actually think this movie deserves more credit than it got. The filming location is stunning and the love story is very endearing, not to mention the music is pretty cool. At 2 hours, it probably could’ve gone for a little less time, but I’m a big proponent of movies with weak plots. I’m also a sucker for Kirsten Dunst.

What can I say, this movie was a cultural phenomenon for my age demographic. My peers in school were still quoting this movie years after it came out and “Vote for Pedro” merchandise was made available in large chain clothing stores accessible to teens with $20 or so to spare. I appreciated this movie for its cult-like status but I was never a huge fan. I do love that a scene included a character making nachos in the middle of the day, that is something I can wholeheartedly get behind.

I saw this movie at the cinema and it was nothing special, but who doesn’t love a good Drew Barrymore movie? It was a feel-good romantic comedy and I thoroughly enjoyed it for what it was. You’re likely to catch this airing frequently on free-to-air television on Saturday night and isn’t there just something so comforting about that?

I have only seen this movie once, but it seemed to have a profound impact on me at age 14. Small town girl, big dreams etc. You might say I was going through a personal crisis at the time and this movie gave me hope that I could make some changes in my life, become somebody else, be better. I also loved this song and the music video from the movie. It’s just so wholesome.


Well that’s it for my 2005 throwback. I hope you have enjoyed my latest instalment and as always, please let me know if you’d like me to cover a specific year next on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

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