2003 Throwback

Well, look what we have here, another throwback post. And it hasn’t even been 2 years since my last one – look at me coming through for you guys. This latest instalment is all about 2003, a personal favourite year of mine. Why am I fond of the year 2003, you may ask? It’s hard to pinpoint one reason exactly, although, do the words The Lizzie Mcguire Movie mean anything to you? 2003 was a huge year for music, which I realised when I put together the 2003 throwback playlist. So many bops. Anyway, that’s at the end, I’m getting ahead of myself. Please enjoy my 20o3 throwback!

2003 Throwback

In 2003 I was 11-turning-12 and my very small combination primary/secondary school had just come up with the innovative idea to create a year 6/7 class. If you are familiar with the Australian school system you will understand how little sense this makes. But hey, I got told I was one of the smarter grade 6’s and got to share a class with the coolest year 7’s so I thought I was pretty special. I also felt like a bit of a badass but read on and you’ll be assured that I most definitely was not.

Continuing on from where I left off in 2002, I was still holding onto a lot of childhood indulgences at the start of 2003. The pressure of sharing a class with kids a little bit older than me – one year feels like a lifetime when you’re 11 – made it even more urgent that I keep those things to myself. Only my closest friends knew that I was still obsessed with the Saddle Club and Nikki Webster. My tastes did, however, start to mature as the year progressed and my friendship circle at the time definitely contributed to this. Do you guys remember those black plastic bracelets? You know the ones. I don’t mean to brag but we totally used to wear them at school.

I lived fairly close to my school and I had a few friends who lived in the neighbouring streets. We would walk home from school together and sometimes loiter on the street. I also refused to cross the road with the assistance of the lollipop lady. Who did I think I was? In 2003 my younger brother and I got our first job, a paper round. Many Friday nights were spent hurriedly delivering the paper before it got dark. On Saturdays we delivered catalogues. The process of folding and then loading the papers into our little trolleys was actually quite time consuming and while I loved the cash, I grew to dread the weekend. I think I gave up the job sometime in early 2004 – too many sleepovers were being missed. That, and I was lazy. My brother persevered though and remains one of the most hard-working people I know. Who knows where I could’ve gone had I kept it up!

2003 Throwback

In 2003 I was introduced to TV Hits magazine, which provided a world of opportunity to discover new celebrities to obsess~ over. One thing I’ve noticed when writing these posts is that when I really liked someone or something, I really latched on, you know? Like there would just come a point where I would have to make the decision – am I going to be obsessed with this or not? By the end of 2003, Nikki Webster was out of the picture and Hilary Duff was moving in. Before Hilary could really become number one though, Delta Goodrem had to serve her time. 2003 was the year of Delta Goodrem, she had one good year and that was it. Then it was all downhill from there and I don’t really know why.

Something that automatically pops into my head when I think of the year 2003: Etnies skate shoes. I remember the coolest year 7 girl in my class had a pair, as well as a Nokia 3315 and a whole lot of Paul Frank merchandise. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my first pair of skate shoes until 2004, and they were Gallaz and purchased on sale, but hey, no complaints here. I started experimenting with make-up for the first time in 2003, my friends and I would trade things and somehow I got a hold of someone’s old mascara. What a game-changer, honestly. I bought my first handbag in 2003 one Saturday afternoon after a sleepover. 2003 was the year of being allowed to go to the shops with friends for a few hours without an adult and I wholeheartedly embraced it. My family got a DVD player in the later part of the year, and the first movie we bought on DVD was Finding Nemo. We also got the budget version of Foxtel, Neighbourhood Cable. We had the Disney Channel as well as some movie channels and it was such a novelty. If only my 12-year-old self knew what was to come in the future. I don’t think I would’ve been able to handle Netflix back then, I’d never leave the house.


Look at that line-up, there were so many iconic albums in 2003.

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to the music of 2003, there were a lot of standouts. I definitely started buying more full-length albums in 2003 and continuing to expand my music tastes. Fallen by Evanescence is a memorable one for me and it seemed odd sharing shelf space with my Saddle Club CD’s. I think I freaked my Dad out a bit when he saw the cover too. Beyonce also released her first solo album in 2003, Dangerously in Love which is pretty iconic. I loved The Black Eyed Peas and In Da Club by 50 Cent. I guess you could say I started to appreciate RNB and rap music more in 2003, which was a genre I hadn’t really explored before. Innocent Eyes by Delta Goodrem was on heavy rotation and upon listening to it again, I still think its good. My stand out album of the year though is obviously Hilary Duff’s Metamorphosis. Yes, I realise it’s not the greatest album, but my nostalgia for it will always win. I remember the day I bought it and the excitement I felt flipping through the cover booklet in the back seat of my friends mum’s car. I also have a vivid memory of listening to Anywhere But Here while looking out the window one summer evening, sucking on a rainbow paddle pop. In that moment, I thought to myself “man, life is sweet.” And it really was.


I was so confident that I would love The Lizzie McGuire Movie that I listed it as a favourite movie of mine before I had even seen it. Thankfully, when I finally did see it, my suspicions were confirmed – it was a great film. Sometimes TV shows don’t translate on the big screen, but in this case, it really worked. Throw in a plot involving the main character masquerading as a pop star and it’s just a recipe for success. I was obsessed with this movie and obsessed with the music from the film as well. I actually bought the soundtrack before seeing the film and it was really cool hearing all the songs I was familiar with while watching the accompanying story on-screen.

I love this movie, it’s got that winning combination of being engaging for kids and yet also entertaining for adults. This movie introduced me to a lot of great rock songs (Seventeen by Stevie Nicks was a stand out) and encouraged me to explore music a lot older than I was. Of course, I thought Jack Black was absolutely hilarious as well and I very briefly entertained the idea of learning the guitar. Oh how easily influenced I was.

This is another movie I still love, to me it is timeless. The story follows an American teenage girl who makes her way over to the UK to find her Dad. Of course, this was fuel for my teen fantasy of moving to London. The main character Daphne was the coolest girl ever in my opinion and I longed to be confident like her, with her black nail polish and eye for cute vintage pieces. Thinking about it now makes me so sad to see how Amanda Bynes has ended up, she had the whole world ahead of her when this film came out.

The sequel to Charlie’s Angels (2003) was in my opinion bigger and better than its predecessor. I saw this at the movies and felt super grown up because it was rated M and had adult themes. Looking back now I realise how cheesy it was but at the time the ladies were the epitome of cool to me.

I was so excited when I realised that the lead in this movie was “the girl from the Parent Trap”, who was none other than the now infamous Lindsay Lohan. The movie follows the classic ‘body swap’ story, this time between mother and daughter. Yes, there’s a band and I’m pretty sure Lindsay had a song or two on the soundtrack. Are you noticing a theme here? Oh, and Chad Michael Murray is in this too – after he was on Gilmore Girls but before One Tree Hill. Those were the days.


Well, that’s a wrap for my 2003 throwback. I realise that these posts are very specific to my own unique experience but I hope some of it is able to resonate with you. Please let me know if you’d like me to cover a specific year next on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

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