Winter Feeling

Winter Feeling

The other night I was coming home from working in the city on the train. As the slow train came to a gentle stop at my station, I looked out into the darkness, barely able to see anything because of the reflection of the fluorescent light on the windows. Once I stepped out into the cold night air, I could see my breath and clutched at my new teddy jacket tightly. As I quickly walked to my car, I was met with the comforting smell of somebody’s woodfire and it suddenly dawned on me; I was having that winter feeling.

Here in Victoria, we are currently into our 8th week of winter – it’s not exactly a new concept that it’s currently about as cold as it gets. Usually, around this time of year, I am getting a little over being met with ice on my car when I’m running late for work and living in a house where you can see your breath. And I will admit, there have been times where I’ve found myself fantasizing about warm nights and getting home when it’s still light out.

I don’t know if it’s because this time next year there is a high chance we won’t be living in Vic anymore, but this time around, I am feeling more appreciative of winter. It feels like a season. I have loved nights spent by the fire at friends houses, wearing new boots and jackets and more recently, snuggling in our bathtub. I’m trying to make the most of something that can quite often feel unpleasant, because I know I will so desperately miss it when we are gone.

Winter Feeling

images via We Dream of Icecream

What are your thoughts on winter? I hope that something good has come from yours too.


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