Mad About Margot

Vogue Australia December

While I know that the September issue of Vogue is notorious for being the most important, I personally have always favoured the December issue.

Vogue Australia December

The first issue of Vogue I ever got my hands on was the Vogue Australia December issue of 2005. It was lying around in my textiles class, among other magazines we were allowed to use for ‘inspiration.’ I decided to take that inspiration home with me and I still have it to this day. At the time I thought it was the most beautiful magazine I had ever seen, it seemed like something more meaningful to me than the Girlfriend and Dolly magazines of the time.

Perhaps I like the December issue the most because of the nostalgia I associate with that early memory; it was, after all, the time in my life where the idea of working in fashion first started to come to fruition. I think though, it’s the combination of the festive season – Christmas & New Years – with that ‘end of year’ feeling that really gets me.

Like in fashion retail, the best is always saved for last; the biggest campaigns, largest product ranges and exclusive gifts always come out at the end of the year. In Australia, it means the beginning of summer; this Vogue Australia December issue, in particular, reminds me of endless lazy summers gone past. The editorial featuring cover star Margot Robbie captures the essence of what an Australian summer means to me. Hanging out in the backyard of an old house, the hazy light peeking through the pergola. It’s bogan chic at its absolute best.

Vogue Australia December


Mad About Margot
Photographer: Lachlan Bailey
Stylist: Christine Centenera
Hair: Ward Stegerhoek
Make-Up: Pati Dubroff
Model: Margot Robbie

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