The Wedding Recessional

Wedding Recessional

After the ceremony, the wedding recessional proceeded to the lawn out the front of the chapel. I was feeling every variety of joy imaginable, I love looking at these photos and seeing how lit up our faces are in every shot.

Wedding Recessional

Wedding Recessional

None of us really knew where we were going, so we just followed the path! It seemed like the right choice, turns out it was.

Wedding Recessional

We cut across some grass which was a little tricky for me, but we managed! Then we waited for all of our guests…

Wedding Recessional

Here they come!

We were met with a trayful of drinks for the bridal party almost immediately after the service, which I must admit, did feel a bit special. Not that I actually finished a full glass the entire day and night, but it was a nice touch!

It was actually quite challenging to hug all of our friends and family with my arms so full, but luckily our photographer Chloe relieved me of my drink so I could fully commit. It’s the little things that go a long way. Thank-you, Chloe!

This photo is the best!

Jessica is the youngest daughter of our Pastor, isn’t she the sweetest? Stay tuned for some photos of her absolutely tearing up the dancefloor at the reception!

After catching up with nearly all of our guests, we commenced the family photos. This is Jordan and I with his parents, Steve and Lorna.

Jordan’s parents and mine.

From L to R, Jordan’s younger brother Gavin, Adam’s partner Cathy, Jordan’s older brother Adam, Jordan’s parents and his aunty Beverley!

Us and my parents, Pierre and Jillian.

From L to R, Jacobs partner Chloe, my younger brother Jacob, my parents, my younger sister Rosie and her husband Mitchel.

Our pastor’s family, the Playfoots! From L to R, Emily, Jonathan, James and his wife Katy, Jessica, Timothy, William, Olivia and Hannah.

The cousins! From L to R, Tom, Morgan, Jacob, Chloe, Mitchel, Rosie, Jane, Kate, Nick, Elisa and Steve.

We had to get a photo with the piper, of course!

All photos by Chloe May

Last but not least, we also got a group shot. Thank-you to all of guests for attending our wedding, I love looking at all the special faces in this photo.

Stay tuned for more shots of the bridal party and of course, the reception!