The Wedding Party II

Wedding Party

Hello and welcome to the second instalment of our wedding party photos! I couldn’t bear to put them all in one post, as there were just too many amazing shots to choose from. That and you’d be scrolling for days… I hope you enjoy this next batch, there are some really special ones in here, including the one above. It is definitely my favourite shot of the wedding party, everyone looks so happy and the light is just perfect.

Wedding Party

These shots of the Leather boys warm my soul, it was so nice to have the whole gang back together.

Jordan’s older brother and best man, Adam!

Jordan’s younger brother Gavin is currently living in Canada, so he flew down especially for the wedding. It was great seeing him but it so wasn’t long enough. We are definitely looking forward to your return, Gavs!


Wedding Party

Hmmm…I guess the prop truck opens?

Just act natural.

Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Wedding Party

By this point in the day, I think you can tell we had all gotten used to having so many photos of us taken! It was nice to relax and just have fun.

Everybody cheers!

I love the combination of colour and black and white photos Chloe took of us, this is one of my favourite black and white shots.

We slipped into the vineyard for these last few shots, I was so happy we did. They are very special to me.

Jordan’s Sgian-dubh (or as I call it, a knife sock). All the boys had them, you cannot rock traditional highland dress without one!

All photos by Chloe May

Off to the reception we go!