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As an Australian fashion blogger/city lover/young woman in my 20’s, it pains me every time to admit that I’ve never been to Sydney. Unless you count the time I visited the airport en route to the United States when I was 5 – which I don’t.

Whilst responding to countless emails at my office job, I find myself often fantasizing about jetting off to Sydney for a weekend – in summer of course. Sipping iced coffees in Surry Hills, shopping at the Paddington Markets and exploring The Strand Arcade are just some of the things on my list. Sydney is the heart of the music and entertainment industry in Australia, not to mention the home of all my favourite Aussie fashion mags; RUSSH, Vogue AU, Frankie and Cosmopolitan AU. Why I have never gone there still baffles me.


Planning a holiday is very exciting, and most people look forward to trips away as one of the most exciting of the year. Shopping is often considered a key factor in choosing where to visit, especially if your looking to spend some well-earned money. Shopping is not always loved by everyone, and finding the best places to shop can make your trip away. Here you will see that shopping can be fun and interesting if you know where to go.

Sydney, the capital city of Australia is one of the best shopping cities in the world, and many tourists visit due to it’s great variety of products on offer, and places to buy them.

One of the biggest and most exciting places to do some shopping is the new Westfield shopping centre. Here you can find four floors of your favourite shops, and a huge variety of local and international places to buy gifts, whether its clothes, music, furniture, books or anything else you could think of.

Shopping can be more exciting if you’re earning rewards through your rewards cards whilst shopping. Credit cards can also make shopping before pay day easy as you have time after your bill to pay.

For a unique place to do some shopping, head on over to The Strand Arcade. Here is the place to visit when looking for young Australian designers and handcrafted jewellery. Here you will also find the large Myer and David Jones department stores, which have something for everyone.

Paddington Market, another great place, is perfect for shopping if you want a quirky mix of homewares, fashion, and a cool cafe culture. It is held every Saturday and is probably the most popular market in the city when it comes to shopping.

Next up when looking for exciting places to do your shopping is The Rocks. Often considered the heart of Sydney, the Rocks has everything from Australian art and souvenirs to historic products, second hand clothing, and interesting jewellery. It is also a great place to get some amazing views of the Harbour.

Once you have done with all the shopping, it is best to wind down with something to eat and take in some of the local cuisine. Surry Hills is a great area with some nice small restaurants and cool cafes.


I think it’s about time I planned my weekend away!!


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