Sep/Oct/Nov Recap


If you read this post way back in January, then you will know that during the first couple of months of my pregnancy, I developed an aversion to updating my social media. This subsequently resulted in me having a substantial lack of photos from that time, so I have had to combine my recaps from September, October and November into one big post. Pregnancy huh, it does wild things to you!

September began like any other September. Jordan and I went back to work after a week off at the snow and I eased myself back into it with an extremely large iced espresso coffee.

September was full of lengthy commutes to work, I spent quite a bit of time at Chadstone where I took the above photo. They were renovating at the time and this was set up in front of a detour amongst the construction. Only at Chadstone.

As flowers on trees started to blossom, I celebrated Father’s Day with my family. Home-made cheesecake was obviously a necessity.


Ah, the test. For probably a week leading up to taking this test, I had an inkling I was pregnant. When you know, you know I guess. We had put off buying the test straight away, at risk of jumping the gun, but it didn’t take long for us to cave. It was the most amazing moment, seeing that little text on the screen. I made a doctor’s appointment for a few days later and found out I was 6 weeks pregnant!

Pretty much as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I started feeling super tired and I had a little nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach. I went off coffee and started eating a whole lot of dry biscuits. That, and I was really hungry all of the time. The above breakfast was consumed with my best friend, Saffron before I found out I wasn’t supposed to eat poached eggs.

I certainly became a homebody when I got pregnant, (even more than I already am, if you can believe it). Jordan and I got these special Halloween themed Krispy Kremes in October, on a trip to buy packing boxes, in lieu of our move to Townsville. That, paired with a re-watching of all the Harry Potter movies made for an appropriate weekend spent at home. This was right before Jordan left for Townsville so our house was a bit of a bomb.

On the weekend before Jordan and I went our separate ways, he was in a parade for Remembrance Day. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday, and a fitting way to end our time in Kilmore.

A few days later, Jordan left for Townsville and Wallace and I headed the opposite way to Geelong. I would be staying with his parents until the end of the year so I could continue working. As you can see, Wallace truly got the 5-star treatment on his little holiday. Jordan’s parents, particularly his mum, absolutely love dogs, so he was very spoilt. They have two dogs of their own, which Wallace knows quite well, so he had a great time.

In late November, Saffron and I spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon together, hitting a local market and later driving down to Queenscliff for lunch and a stroll. Need I repeat how hungry I was during pregnancy!? I think the above speaks for itself.

Pink Cadillacs and ice cream from that place I’ve gone to since I was a kid, this was such a nice day.

Queenscliff is such a pretty little town, it’s changed in a lot of ways, yet always feels the same to me.


By this point, I had the tiniest of bumps. Or is that just a food baby? Probably more likely the latter…

Christmas themed drinks from Starbucks with Xen and new hair. By the time November came to an end, I was hanging out for Christmas and for Jordan to come home!