Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Islands

I jetted off on my Thailand holiday on Sunday; so far I’ve had an amazing time! Apart from lounging around the pool and drinking piña colada’s, I’ve also spent a couple of days out on the water soaking up the best of what Thailand has to offer.

Phi Phi Islands

On Wednesday I went on a speed boat tour around some of the most beautiful islands on the globe, known as the Phi Phi Islands. Needless to say, it was literally paradise.

My favourite part was snorkelling in the crystal clear ocean, where we were surrounded by tropical fish. I also went swimming in a little alcove between the islands which was absolutely breathtaking, not to mention deliciously refreshing after being stuck in the heat for so long.

Phi Phi Islands

I am only 5 days into my trip, I will keep updating as steadily as my Thai internet connection will allow!


  1. May 3, 2013 / 10:41 am

    Looks like you’re having a fantastic time!

  2. May 3, 2013 / 10:56 am

    beautiful photos! I went to thailand last year, it’s just so beautiful, phi phi was by far my favourite place. the water is so so green x

  3. May 5, 2013 / 9:46 am

    Beautiful! I’ve never been to Thailand but many of my friends have and all have spoken so highly of it. Looks amazing and the weather looks perfect as well.


  4. November 3, 2014 / 2:14 am

    I went to Phi Phi Island this past summer too!! This makes me miss it so much! The colors of the water are so unreal

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