Paris Photo Diary: Part 6

I arrived back in Paris from London in the afternoon and after getting re-settled in the apartment, I headed out for lunch. This time I decided to try something a little different and ordered some escargot…

While I didn’t hate the escargot, I definitely wouldn’t go out of my way to order them again! If you’ve never tried snails, you’re not missing much; they just taste like chunks of garlic rubber. I’m really talking them up here… Luckily that was just the entree, as you can see I had another hearty salad for lunch. I love using the word ‘hearty’ ┬áto describe a salad, thank-you France for your salads!

Afterwards, I went home for a quick sweet treat, as expected my Laduree macaroons were delicious. The flavours I chose were rose petal, pistachio, mint & salted caramel.

Later that evening, I headed back out, just as the most perfect Paris dusk was in full force.




I strolled around aimlessly for a few hours and it was really nice. So much of my trip to Paris was just spent walking around, it’s such a beautiful city.

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