Natalia is Killing It

Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills is an English singer-songwriter that seemingly hasn’t received the commercial success she probably deserves. Which I think is a kind of good thing.

I first heard of Natalia Kills after LMFAO released their infamous – who am I kidding, every song they release is ‘infamous’ – Champagne Showers. But please, don’t be deterred by her vocals on this track, as they really don’t do her real voice any justice. Mainly because they’re edited about 7 octaves higher than originally recorded.

Natalia Kills

Natalia’s music is intricately crafted pop-electronica, it is dark, honest and a little controversial. Often compared to Lady Gaga circa ‘The Fame’, she has quite a sophisticated sense of style; a very designer sense of style. This is affluent in her music videos, which she has designated herself a lot of creative control in.

I truly admire artists who are able to develop not only a distinct sound in their music, but an overall feeling throughout. Imagery, style, costuming; the works.

It’s also refreshing to read or watch an interview with an artist who can actually answer a question with thought put behind it.

Natalia Kills is intelligent, albeit perhaps a little pretentious, but in a way, she has the right to be; because she knows who she is and what she’s creating.