My Jewellery and Make-Up Storage

My Jewellery and Make-Up Storage
I recently did a massive clean up of my bedroom, and while I was going through things to throw out, I came across some pretty product boxes I had stored. I love to collect things like this, but they generally don’t end up serving a purpose other than cluttering up my cupboard space. As my dresser drawers were a complete unorganised mess, I came up with the idea to store my jewellery, nail polish and lipstick in these boxes.
 My Jewellery and Make-Up Storage

My jewellery and make-up storage prior to this was almost non-existent, so a massive de-clutter was definitely a necessary course of action. I like that you can see what’s stored in there through the outside and one of the boxes even opens up like a set of doors!

My Jewellery and Make-Up Storage
This is definitely a temporary storage option but I do feel much more organised now. Do you keep product packaging?

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