May Recap

After what felt like years, the calendar finally flipped its pages over to May. At long last, our wedding month had finally arrived!

I won’t lie, May was a particularly challenging month for me work-wise. The days were long, with a lot of time spent in both the car and in-store. In addition to this, I had a variety of different issues rear their head all at once. If anything, I would say that our pending wedding was the only thing that kept me going. It was a great distraction and I definitely treated it as the light at the end of the tunnel to get me through each week.

It was also comforting to feel the people around us grow more and more excited for our big day. The anticipation was something we got to share, which was really moving. A special thank-you to our little friend Jessica who presented us with the above pictures. They are still proudly displayed on our fridge!

As far as food and exercise were concerned, naturally, the majority of May was spent being fairly conscious of that. I ate a lot of salad, a lot of tuna and I’m still not ready to go back to eating boiled eggs for breakfast. My cardio really improved at the gym as well, which was great. If only I had the momentum of a pending wedding to keep me motivated now…

Now if I’m honest, I did indulge a few times in May, including the day I had lunch with my parents at the wedding venue. I had cauliflower risotto and it was beautiful. The ideal meal for a sunny, yet cool autumn day.

After lunch, we had a walk around the property. We even had a little peek inside the chapel and reception area. It was such a beautiful day and I could not stop envisioning how the space would be transformed on the day of our wedding.

On the 13th of May, we celebrated Mother’s Day. Myself, my sister, my mum and Jordan’s mum decided to get together and we had ourselves a sweet little brunch at Winters Cafe in Geelong. My sister and I had the hotcakes, they were so good! It was a really nice way for my two mums to continue to get to know each other but also just to celebrate together.

Later that day Jordan and I also met up with his mum, brother and partner to celebrate. It was a great day full of cake and Chinese takeaway but also a day to commemorate fresh starts and new traditions.

Jordan was away for sporadic days on and off throughout May, so with him away, I was in charge of looking after the house and Wallace. I love taking Wallace out for walks, I spend most of the time just chatting to him, much to the bewilderment of the people I come across. The lawn ornaments are from Jordan’s brother Adam and his partner Cathy. Our crazy neighbours all seem to have tiny animal ornaments in their front yards, so they thought they’d give us something to make us a really stand out. My favourite is the stone head. I’ve named him Ooga Booga.

I went on annual leave the Wednesday before the weekend of our wedding. The days were fairly busy, spent getting crucial things done like nails, tan, eyebrows, and of course, leaving things like place cards and orders of service until the very last minute. The day before the wedding, Jordan and I met with our pastor, James, to go through our vows and discuss our standing and sitting arrangements. We had been meeting with James for a few months to do pre-marital counselling. It was a really eye-opening experience and something I recommend all Christian couples do before getting married. It taught us both a lot about our roles in marriage and what kinds of challenges we will inevitably face together as husband and wife.

I will just add that we needed to bring our birth certificates for James to cite, which I remembered just as we arrived at his house after a 30 min trip. We ended up having to go home to get them, which obviously added an extra rush of adrenaline to our day. When we got home, Jordan and I parted ways. Well, until I realised he still had the keyboard we had picked up from James in his car! And then, of course, he left his overnight bag behind…

Anyway, we problem solved that situation and I headed to the venue to drop off the place cards, polaroid cameras and various other bits and pieces. After that, I headed straight home to tidy the house in preparation from my bridesmaid’s sleepover!

My best friend Saffron and my sister Rosie planned the absolute most perfect girls night for me. As you can see from the above spread they went all out!

Our night included the following: gift bags full of goodies, a huge cheese platter, Moscato, chick flicks and matching pyjamas. What more could a girl want!?

Look how happy that face is! I look about 7 in this photo and I ain’t mad about it.

The movie I chose for us to watch was The Princess Diaries, a sleepover classic. We started watching What a Girl Wants but didn’t finish it because I couldn’t concentrate. I was just too excited! All up, it was the perfect night. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend the night before my wedding.

After a night of extremely broken sleep (let’s face it, I was never going to get any sleep) the big day finally arrived! After yet another amazing spread for breakfast – which included matching pink teacups – we loaded up the car and were on our merry way!

As you can see, I got to sit in the back with my dress, which took up a lot of space…

After picking up the flowers from the florist (which were even better than I could’ve imagined) we arrived at the venue. Naturally, there were matching dressing gowns involved.

We got ready in the cute little homestead on the property and time literally went so fast that before I knew it I was slipping on – or should I say stepping into – my dress.

To be continued…