Lilac Attack


I cannot explain the feeling of sheer wonder I experienced when I recently visited Witchery’s flagship store at Chadstone. The reason for my excitement being, the entire front of their store was a lilac explosion. From the racks to the mannequins, all I could see was lilac. As a big fan of teaming pastels with pastels, it was a dream come true to see it all come to life in front of me.

Ever since that rainy Tuesday last week, I have started to notice this particular lilac trend popping up everywhere. From the fitted dresses at Dotti – I must admit, I don’t really shop there – to the laid-back silhouettes at Glassons, lilac is all I’m seeing and I ain’t mad about it one bit.

Not that I need an excuse to wear pastels, but it does help when it’s so accessible and affordable. The pieces from H&M especially are very tempting…



What colour gets you in the feels? I hope that if you don’t normally wear pastels that you give lilac a go. It’s so cute for spring (which still feels very far away) but also a good transitional colour too. Especially the lightweight knits!

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