Lady Gaga at the 75th Venice Film Festival

Lady Gaga at the 75th Venice Film Festival

Lady Gaga at the 75th Venice Film Festival, what a vision indeed. I heard she made her fabulous entrance by boat, before stepping onto the red carpet in the pinkest, fluffiest, most beautiful princess dress I have ever seen.

She was there to celebrate the premiere of her debut film A Star is Born, which was produced and directed by Bradley Cooper, who she stars along with. All I can say is wow. It’s so Gaga to wear something like this, although I genuinely find it rather elegant. I much prefer when she dresses like a lady (ha, I didn’t even realise I did that) although I know when I was in my late teens I was a much bigger fan of her outrageous costumes. I guess I’ve matured…

Wait, I guess this is still kind of outrageous!? Her stunning gown is straight from the Valentino Haute Couture runway which was held back in July.

From what I’ve read so far, the film gets good reviews, which makes me all the more intrigued. I’m anxious to see her in a film role and I wonder what it’ll be like to see her playing someone…normal.

Will you be seeing the movie?

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