June Recap


After the busyness of May, what with the wedding and all, June was a fairly quiet month in comparison. Judging from my camera roll, I mainly took a lot of photos of our dog, Wallace. What can I say, he just looks so cute wrapped in a blanket!

On the first weekend in June, Jordan, myself and some friends of ours took our dogs on a big hike. We chose a nearby mountain about 10 mins out of town for our adventure and they had a great time. The longer we live here, the sadder I feel that all too soon we will leave this place. I never want to take the beautiful countryside we are surrounded by for granted.

After our morning hike, we had breakfast at the best cafe in town, Rose Cafe. We usually have lunch there, but when we do get breakfast I always have the french toast. Ah-mazing.

June was pretty busy with work so as always I spent my weekdays commuting near and far.

Jordan also went away for work for a few days, so I spent my time apart from him wrapped up in a blanket with Wallace at home. The heating in our house isn’t great, so we tend to stay fairly rugged up in the colder months.


I changed my last name in June, which was super exciting! I’m still in the process of updating it for everything, but the most important things are done. I also bought my teddy jacket in June, and have been wearing it to death ever since. It’s just so cosy and warm, not to mention easy to throw on. The weather got a lot colder in June.


Wallace claimed this blanket as his own one day, he simply walked up to the couch and pulled it onto the floor with his teeth. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t be so lenient with this, but dogs get cold too! It’s not like it was my pink blanket…

Towards the end of June, a work colleague and friend of mine, Kristy, finished up working with us. It was a bittersweet time, so to ease the pain we celebrated her new job by having drinks at The George on Collins. Finally, the perfect opportunity to wear my pink faux fur jacket! All up, it was a really fun night.

Finally, at the end of May, I attended a two-day conference in Sydney for work. It was an interesting experience and I enjoyed getting to meet my co-workers from the other states in Australia. We had some great food on this trip, which was honestly the highlight.

I hope your June was spent keeping nice and warm with loved ones. I think that’s my favourite part about winter!