Into Nature

Into Nature

Recently I have been going through some of my old blog posts and have uncovered some amazing fashion editorials from years past. In discovering these long forgotten hidden gems, I realise now that I don’t post nearly as many editorials as I used to. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the nature of my content has evolved quite a lot since I was 17. In saying that though editorials are something I would classify as one of my biggest inspirations for creating a blog in the first place and I think they still deserve some screen time on this little online space of mine.

Into Nature

Into Nature

Ever since I first started buying fashion magazines in my early teens, I have been captivated by the huge spreads that take up pages and pages in Vogue, RUSSH, Harpers Bazaar and other publications. Fashion editorials have the power to transport you to another place, kind of like a movie, they visually stimulate and excite all of my creative senses.

As I have grown older, my taste has definitely changed, although, for the most part, I’d say my favourite editorials still remain my favourite to this day. Much like with TV and music, I find myself sticking with what I know more than exploring the new. I think that’s partly why I don’t post as many editorials anymore, I no longer spend my money on magazines and am fairly content with my back issues of my favourite magazines. That being said, I realise now that there are still plenty of amazing spreads out there, it may just take me a little longer to find them.

Into Nature

This gorgeous spread is called Into Nature, it is photographed by Sam Bisso and features model Hollie Brown. It is styled by Melissa Nixon and hair and make-up is done by Julie Provis. This editorial is exclusive to Fashion Gone Rogue.

I love this editorial because it reminds me of the countryside in which Jordan and I currently live in. We frequently drive past farms with horses and beautiful rolling hills and every day I pinch myself because I still can’t believe our daily commute can be so damn pretty.

Fashion editorials will always mean more to me than just showcasing gorgeous clothing; it is about styling, but most importantly, conveying a particular feeling or emotion through beautiful imagery. I hope to start posting more of these again more frequently.

Do you like fashion editorials?


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