In-Between Weather

In-Between Weather

As per usual, Victoria’s weather is all over the shop. To put this into perspective, for those of you not from around these parts, on the first day of summer here we had a severe flood warning. It rained pretty much all weekend and the temperature dropped from 30 degrees to 14 degrees in the space of an hour.

In-Between Weather

Now that the weekend is behind us, the weather is finally starting to pick back up. We’re currently experiencing that in-between weather, which can be extremely hard to dress for, let me tell you. One minute the sun is out and a cool breeze is gently blowing my hair in the wind and the next, the sun is gone, it’s super windy and I’m cold and want to go home! Oh, Victoria. Sometimes I think I should start a separate blog purely to discuss the weather as I swear that’s predominately what I talk about on here.

In-Between Weather

Anyway, for this in-between weather, I decided to team my favourite floral jeans with a long-sleeved knit. The knit is actually super thin, which works well when you’re not quite sure how cold or hot it’s going to be. As for my sneakers, they are so comfy and really light to wear. I’m literally going to live in them this summer.

Jeans, Bardot; knit, Sportsgirl; bag, Alexander Wang; sunglasses, Quay; sneakers, Superga

While I haven’t completely hated this cold front – I have rather enjoyed drinking hot tea in front of the Christmas tree whilst under a blanket on the couch – I am looking forward to having some warm weather again.


Are you ready for some more summer? Or did you enjoy the cold front?


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