Fuschia Knit

Fuschia Knit

Hello there! Long time no talk! It seems that I am actually quite good at putting together content for this little blog of mine, but not so great at posting it. A lot has happened in the last month or so though, so I feel I have an adequate excuse. The main thing being, on the 26th of May Jordan and I were officially married! While we excitedly await the official wedding photos, I thought it’d be for the best to fill this space with some photos from before then…

These photos were taken on an extremely windy day in March, we were actually on the way home from a meeting at the venue we had our wedding at. I bought the fuschia knit on sale from Sportsgirl, the colour obviously made it hard for me to resist. I find that Sportsgirl often put really great product on sale; I don’t know if I just have obscure taste or if everything they sell is good? Either way, I am certainly not complaining.

Fuschia Knit

knit, Sportsgirl; jeans, Topshop; belt, Bardot; boots, Windsor Smith

Fuschia Knit

Jordan and I have been living out in the sticks for around 18 months now and I can happily say I still don’t feel like we take it for granted. It’s hard to believe that this is the kind of scenery we have in our backyard, I don’t think we’d be able to go back to living the suburban life. Well, not permanently anyway.

While these photos turned out a little differently to what I envisioned, unfortunately you don’t always have control over what the weather will bring. The main thing is though, these photos capture how happy I was (and still am) on that windy Sunday in March in my bright fuschia knit!


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