Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams Kimberley Gordon
Well what do you know, Spring is actually here! Excuse my pessimism, but this time last year I had the heater cranking and was enjoying the bathtub in our new rental quite a lot….

Field of Dreams Kimberley Gordon

Yes, the rumours are true, Victoria has finally come through with the goods. I am comforted by this fact every morning and afternoon as I drive past field upon field of canola. It is the highlight of my commute. Even if this year there is an alarming number of cars pulled over on the side of the road so passersby can get photos. You know what? I am one of those people! I’m not ashamed.

Field of Dreams Kimberley Gordon

With the slightly mild, almost-warm-when-the-suns-out weather, I am growing more and more excited about spring activities! Jordan and I just had a fence built around our house, and it honestly makes such a difference to have an enclosed area now. I’m keen to get an outdoor setting so we can invite all of our pals around and have a bbq and drinks in the backyard. BYO dog!

Field of Dreams Kimberley Gordon

Field of Dreams by Kimberley Gordon

Field of Dreams Kimberley Gordon

I had my first taste of a Somersby’s pear cider for the season on Grand Final Day and it made me so happy. It just felt right. We also turned the clocks forward on Sunday night which was kind of a kill-joy after a glorious 3 day weekend, but luckily I’ve almost shaken off that lethargic feeling I’ve had for the last couple of days and am ready for those light evening strolls. We’ve been going on lots of walks these past few days, it has been glorious.

I hope your Spring is off to a good start, I’ll keep you updated on my adventures as they arise!

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