Europe / Summer 2014 / Nice & Monaco / Part 9


The southern beach air was well received as we made our way from the beautiful mountain valleys of Switzerland to Nice in France. After checking into our hotel and freshening up, we roamed through the streets to our restaurant. Having only been to Paris, Nice was definitely a very different experience. The vibe was so much more relaxed and the scenery was a huge contrast to the magnificence that is the capital.

IMG_9017  IMG_9019 IMG_9023Deep Fried Icecream – finally an included dessert!

IMG_9025After dinner we headed over to a bar, which was having a beach themed night (hence the beachwear).


These fountains were beautiful, even if we did get stuck between them!

IMG_9043 The boys

IMG_9045 IMG_9048These long island iced teas tasted like coke, but they were cheap due to our ‘beachwear’.

IMG_9051We weren’t at this bar for too long as it became pretty overcrowded with tour groups, so instead we decided to go on a little adventure to the beach. Once we reached the water it was decided that an impromptu dip was in order, so before I knew it my skirt was on the sand (or should I say pebbles) and I was in the water with just my tank top and underwear! Luckily it was dark…

Because the pebbles were so hard Katie and I decided to wear our jellies in the water. While a good idea in theory, I was not in the best state to be managing footwear in the ocean so I ended up losing one shoe and sending everyone out on a search party to locate it. Once the shoe was located, it ended up coming off again, so I gave up and took the other one off as well. Walking barefoot back to our hotel was an experience I will never forget, luckily the road was fairly smooth on my toes.

NiceAfter a lazy morning and sleep in (9am, which is considered a sleep in on a Topdeck tour) we headed out for the day.

Nice NiceApparently Nice is famous for it’s pizza – some say it’s even better than Italy – so we were keen to test this theory and were certainly not disappointed.

Nice IMG_9082 IMG_9072 Nice IMG_9108I cannot believe that people can actually lie on pebbles and be comfortable! They must be used to it, I guess?

IMG_9121This dog was so damn cute, even if he was asleep on the merchandise. It was pretty hot out, so I don’t blame him.

IMG_9126 IMG_9134 IMG_9141After a relaxing day of eating and shopping we headed into Monaco for the evening.

IMG_9155 IMG_9159 IMG_9160dress, shoes, Sportsgirl; earrings, Target

IMG_9163The ladies

IMG_9206Monaco was beautiful, but as expected, very expensive. I’m not a huge risk taker when it comes to money (unless I’m buying something I don’t need) so I didn’t gamble.

IMG_9209After getting all dressed up, this night was surprisingly uneventful. By the time we got back to Nice, it was too late to do much so we ended up heading to bed like responsible adults (which was a first).

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