The Dress Edit

The Dress Edit

As I now enter into my third trimester of pregnancy, my lack of clothing options has become increasingly more obvious. Oversize dresses I bought a few months ago – which I envisioned lasting up until the birth – are now no longer on rotation, and I am finding myself with not a lot of choice when it comes to wardrobe.

While this can be challenging at times, I have resigned myself to the fact that I’m only going to get bigger, and realistically, I don’t have that much longer to go. Therefore, instead of buying more, I have decided to wait until the baby comes for some new clothes. That’s where the dress edit comes in…

After perusing the dress edit online at PrettyLittleThing for inspiration for my post-baby look, I settled on three dresses. The first is this white and gold number, I love the embroidery, pearl detailing, but most of all, the pops of pink! I picture myself wearing this after polishing off a glass or two of Moscato. Mmm, it has been so long since I’ve had that…

The Dress Edit

Naturally, my second option is pink. I love the long sleeves, tie waist detail and pleated skirt. This dress looks super comfortable as well, which has always been a priority for me.

The Dress Edit

Finally, my third option is this button down midi dress. This will be so easy to wear and is super lightweight. It also has pockets, need I say more?

All the dresses I chose are mid-length, which I personally find really flattering for my body shape. Honestly, though, I think midi’s suit most shapes.

I hope you find some inspiration for yourself in my dress edit, I like having some new clothes to look forward to wearing. If you, however, are not 30 weeks pregnant, go for your life and enjoy them right now! I promise I won’t be jealous…

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