Cozy Home

September 19, 2017

Cozy Home
I must say, these days I have become much more of a homebody. I don’t know if it’s the cold weather, my lack of spending money or the fact that I’m now over 25, but something inside me just loves days spent at home.

Perhaps with my growing age comes an overwhelming desire to start nesting; I have built for myself and for my love a cozy home and wish to spend time in it. There is nothing quite like building a home. The slow addition of new linen, furniture, trinkets; it’s a process that culminates over long periods of time and one that I am quite enjoying.

Cozy Home

I have built a fortress, a place to come home to when the day is over – or perhaps even a place to stay when the day has just started – it is my safety, my locked door, my place of calm.

The coffee machine is ready to go, the pantry fully stocked and a beautifully fragrant candle is always on hand.

With this in mind, why would I ever want to leave?

Autumn 2017

August 28, 2017

2017 is absolutely flying by, or maybe it just feels like it is because I feel like I’m finally starting to find momentum again. As we near the end of August, I thought it was high time I did a recap of Autumn as it would appear it’s nearly Spring…



January 29, 2017

De-Clutter Minimalism Sentimental Value PhotosDe-Clutter Minimalism Sentimental Value Photos

For the last few months I have been pondering over the concept of de-cluttering. Allow me to elaborate; when I say de-cluttering, I don’t just mean in a throw-out-a-bunch-of-old-clothes way. I am also not referring to minimalism – getting rid of everything.

What I have been contemplating is a habit I have of holding onto everything. Not literally everything, but things I have associated as having sentimental value in my life at one point or another. When I moved house, this was something I noticed in particular. Old birthday cards and photos, knick-knacks I picked up on my travels through Europe – train tickets, key chains – just to name a few.

The other things I found were old DVD’s of shows I used to watch, over 100 magazines I haven’t read, a bag of recycled craft pieces I might one day use in a creative project… I could go on, but I think you get the point.

I suppose my point in all of this is, I have been challenged to ask myself why I kept some of these things for so long. In a lot of ways, I suppose, I tie things like this to who I am. These possessions have somehow shaped who I am. I realise now, that this isn’t true. I also realise that I don’t need so many reminders of things from my past. What is poignant to me, is that those things are in the past for a reason. I am living in the now, I don’t need to look back anymore. And I don’t need a train ticket or old polaroid to remind me that I’m not that person anymore.

I’m proud to say that I threw a lot of those aforementioned things out. A lot. Most. Not my Lizzie McGuire DVD’s or my 100+ unread magazines but perhaps one day I will get there. And while I view those boxes and boxes of things I donated to charity or filled my neighbours bins up with as an achievement, I realise now that that was only the start of a much bigger de-clutter.

Ironically, the bigger de-clutter isn’t getting rid of the physical things, it’s getting rid of the more permanent kind. Like the photos I have on my computer of people no longer in my life, the music and television that I no longer find entertaining and the words and photos I put on this blog that I no longer wish to endorse.

Am I trying to find who I am? No, I know who I am. And I know what I believe. I guess what I’m trying to do is get rid of all the distractions that I have allowed for so long to deter me from that.

It has been equally liberating and confronting, but I cannot recommend it enough.


October 16, 2016

Joanne Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Million Reasons Joanne

Lady Gaga // Joanne


August 31, 2014

LossAs I continue to grow into my 20’s, I have come to learn a lot about myself. I’m certainly a lot more comfortable with who I am these days, which I guess comes with the territory. Over the past year I have given a lot of thought as to who I want to be, what I want to do and which direction I desire my life to be moving in. At this point, while I certainly don’t believe I have all of the definitive answers, I do know that trusting my instincts is one of the most important steps to ensuring I become who I want to be. READ MORE

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