October 31, 2017


Every year Halloween seems to get bigger and bigger in Australia. This year I noticed the addition of huge pumpkins for carving at the supermarket, a larger selection of Halloween ‘candy’, an influx of Halloween parties and a local event my town had for the kids over the weekend.


Autumn 2017

August 28, 2017


2017 is absolutely flying by, or maybe it just feels like it is because I feel like I’m finally starting to find momentum again. As we near the end of August, I thought it was high time I did a recap of Autumn as it would appear it’s nearly Spring…



January 29, 2017

De-Clutter Minimalism Sentimental Value PhotosDe-Clutter Minimalism Sentimental Value Photos

For the last few months I have been pondering over the concept of de-cluttering. Allow me to elaborate; when I say de-cluttering, I don’t just mean in a throw-out-a-bunch-of-old-clothes way. I am also not referring to minimalism – getting rid of everything.

What I have been contemplating is a habit I have of holding onto everything. Not literally everything, but things I have associated as having sentimental value in my life at one point or another. When I moved house, this was something I noticed in particular. Old birthday cards and photos, knick-knacks I picked up on my travels through Europe – train tickets, key chains – just to name a few.

The other things I found were old DVD’s of shows I used to watch, over 100 magazines I haven’t read, a bag of recycled craft pieces I might one day use in a creative project… I could go on, but I think you get the point.

I suppose my point in all of this is, I have been challenged to ask myself why I kept some of these things for so long. In a lot of ways, I suppose, I tie things like this to who I am. These possessions have somehow shaped who I am. I realise now, that this isn’t true. I also realise that I don’t need so many reminders of things from my past. What is poignant to me, is that those things are in the past for a reason. I am living in the now, I don’t need to look back anymore. And I don’t need a train ticket or old polaroid to remind me that I’m not that person anymore.

I’m proud to say that I threw a lot of those aforementioned things out. A lot. Most. Not my Lizzie McGuire DVD’s or my 100+ unread magazines but perhaps one day I will get there. And while I view those boxes and boxes of things I donated to charity or filled my neighbours bins up with as an achievement, I realise now that that was only the start of a much bigger de-clutter.

Ironically, the bigger de-clutter isn’t getting rid of the physical things, it’s getting rid of the more permanent kind. Like the photos I have on my computer of people no longer in my life, the music and television that I no longer find entertaining and the words and photos I put on this blog that I no longer wish to endorse.

Am I trying to find who I am? No, I know who I am. And I know what I believe. I guess what I’m trying to do is get rid of all the distractions that I have allowed for so long to deter me from that.

It has been equally liberating and confronting, but I cannot recommend it enough.


October 16, 2016

Joanne Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Million Reasons Joanne

Lady Gaga // Joanne


August 31, 2014

LossAs I continue to grow into my 20’s, I have come to learn a lot about myself. I’m certainly a lot more comfortable with who I am these days, which I guess comes with the territory. Over the past year I have given a lot of thought as to who I want to be, what I want to do and which direction I desire my life to be moving in. At this point, while I certainly don’t believe I have all of the definitive answers, I do know that trusting my instincts is one of the most important steps to ensuring I become who I want to be. READ MORE

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