After the Wedding

After the Wedding

After the wedding and our honeymoon, it was time to return to reality. I must admit, I was a little worried that after the excitement and build up of planning a wedding, we would have a huge crash afterwards. It was a little bit hard to accept no longer having such a big event to look forward to initially, but it certainly didn’t last long. There are just too many exciting things in our future to look forward to! All of which, start with the beginning of our lives together as man and wife…

After the Wedding

After the wedding, we were also left in the possession of many keepsakes from our big day, all of which trigger fond memories from not only the actual event but also the lead up to it. Our personalised wooden guestbook pictured above was actually not featured in any of our official wedding photographs, as it was open for guests to sign! I sourced it on Etsy from Jasmine at Love and Lines, who handmade it. I knew I wanted something rustic looking and when I found her store, it just felt like the perfect fit. She also got it made for us quickly, as we cut it pretty fine with time before the wedding!

As I mentioned in my April Recap, the women from our church threw me a kitchen tea about a month before the wedding. Pictured above and below is the scrapbook they put together for me, filled with handwritten recipes and marriage advice.

It was such a touching gesture and having personally sampled a lot of their cooking, I know those recipes are going to be gooooood.

This was what was in the goody bags that my bridesmaids put together, as mentioned in my May Recap. It was such a cute idea and I loved all the thoughtful knick-knacks that were carefully chosen for the event.

After the Wedding

The pink teacup is most definitely my favourite, whenever I use it I am reminded of the excitement I felt the morning of the wedding.

After the Wedding

Finally, here are all the cards we received from our wedding guests, it was hard to fit them all in the picture! We were lucky to receive so many generous gifts and kind words from our loved ones, as you can see we had a lot to go through.

To all of you who celebrated with us on the 26th of May, thank-you from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding or a better group of people to share it with.

Onto the next chapter!

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