April Recap

July 16, 2018


As March turned into April, things really started to get exciting for us, as our wedding was fast approaching. With Easter already behind us, it was time for both us and the autumn weather to really get serious. Turns out April ended up being the hottest on record in Australia…so there’s that. Needless to say, we persevered and it eventually started to feel like my favourite time of year again.


Cold Front

June 17, 2018


March Recap

June 11, 2018


Every time I do a monthly re-cap, I seem to get even further behind than the last, so I’m going to make it my aim to get back on schedule. March was a transitional month, both seasonally and in an emotional sense as well. The start of March was still really warm, in fact, from memory, I believe most of the month was. I’m normally a little more patient with March’s weather, as it always seems to lean towards the summery side. Now April on the other hand, don’t get me started on April…


Fuschia Knit

June 3, 2018

Fuschia Knit

Hello there! Long time no talk! It seems that I am actually quite good at putting together content for this little blog of mine, but not so great at posting it. A lot has happened in the last month or so though, so I feel I have an adequate excuse. The main thing being, on the 26th of May Jordan and I were officially married! While we excitedly await the official wedding photos, I thought it’d be for the best to fill this space with some photos from before then…


Alexander Wang ‘Rockie’ Bag

April 29, 2018


In the time that I have had this blog, I can comfortably say that I have spent nearly all of that time dreaming of the day I could finally buy an Alexander Wang bag. For years it was the ‘Rocco’ bag, sported by celebrities such as Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Tisdale, Hilary Duff and Kristin Cavallari. Every time I’ve gotten a new job the question has come up – am I in a position spend $1000+ on a handbag? The answer, of course, has always been no. I like to attribute that to the fact that part of me is still capable of being realistic about what sum of money is reasonable to spend on things. Perhaps I have retained some of the advice my Dad gave me about money after all!?


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